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Efficient Energy Boilers

The comprehensive product range of boilers for commercial applications includes efficient energy systems for an economical provision of heat, steam, cooling and power. For this, all types of fuel can be used – gas, oil, biomass and solar energy and can be combined with large selection of hot water storage tanks with customized heat exchanger for each application.


Cost effective design and well known brand in the market Bosch Buderus, supply, Installation, Commissioning and maintenance of :

  • Condensing Boilers.

  • Steam Boilers.

  • LPG/ Natural Gas Boilers.

  • Low Pressure Boilers.

  • ...etc.

Application for :​

  • Hospitals.

  • Hotels.

  • Residential building (central hot water system)

About Boiler Spare parts

Boiler supplies and parts include all the ancillary parts and equipment that are used in boilers and their maintenance. Boiler parts include standard components, replacement spares and other quality parts. Boiler supplies and parts are useful in industries and manufacturing units. Boiler parts include boiler spares, boiler tubes, boiler gauges, pressure and level control equipment, oil and gas and water meters, water oil and gas pumps, valves, temperature gauges and much more.

Delivering boiler spare parts uae and burner spare parts uae for different applications, including marine boiler spare parts uae and residential and commercial boiler spare parts uae.

There are a number of boiler manufacturers such as BOSCH, ICI CALDAIE, LOCHINVAR, ALFALAVAL, ECOTHERM, VIESSMANN, BUDERUS, A.O SMITH, BRADFORD, IVAR,  They cater to power plants, paper industry and other segments. The manufacturers offer a variety of boilers such as pot boiler, fire-tube boiler, water-tube boiler, flash boiler, and sectional boiler. The boilers are used for various processes or heating applications such as central heating, cooking, boiler-based power generation and sanitation. The parts suppliers also offer equipment such as pressure tools, water level indicators, safety valve, bottom blowdown valves, continuous blowdown valves, flash tank, hand holes, surface blowdown line, circulating pump, top feed, chemical injection line and feedwater check valve, among others.

Our locations we serve for boiler spare parts Dubai, boiler spare parts Abu Dhabi, boiler spare parts Sharjah, Boiler spare parts Umm AL Quwain, Boiler spare parts Fujairah, Boiler spare parts Ajman, Boilers spare parts in UAE.

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