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Whether your application is residential, commercial or industrial, SOLATHERM GULF FZE can offer an appropriately-sized, integrated solar water heating solution designed and optimized, top to bottom, to efficiently meet your needs. SOLATHERM GULF FZE offers the spectrum line of solar water heating products, including solar thermosiphon system and solar forced circulation system in many applications:

  • Villas.

  • Labor Camps.

  • Hotels.

  • Hospitals.

  • Residential buildings.



Flat Type Solar Collector technology is the most cost effective solution for solar thermal with absorber sheet welded to internal pipes.

Solar absorber comes in different material:

  • the entry level is the black painted absorber with 90% absorbency and up 84% radiation coefficient.

  • Selective aluminum absorber with 95% absorbency and 5% radiation coefficient is the best cost-effective high absorbency choice in the market.

  • Copper absorber is the highest range with 95% absorbency and 5% radiation coefficient (similar to selective aluminum) however since copper pipes are welding to absorber the combination makes the best efficiency. 

  • Crystalline coating is applied for absorber to control energy absorption (Viessmann ThermProtect).

Internal pipes (also called water frame) are formed from header (22 mm) and risers​(8-10 mm) also comes in 2 different material:

  • Copper pipes with 8 mm riser are widely used and represent 95% of total production and merges perfectly with pipeline between collectors and heat exchanger made from copper.

  • Aluminum pipes with 10 mm riser are made to match with the cost effective selective aluminum absorber


Considered the most cost effective way for solar thermal the thermophison solar water heater use the natural water temperature density based circulation to heat the horizontal tank on top of the collector.

Ideal for systems equal or less than 500L.

Main application is for townhouses and small villas and can be used in low capacity requirement.

Main characteristics:

  • Simple installation.

  • Cost effective (3000-6000AED)

  • Small space requirement (5-8 sqm).

  • Maintenance requirement only once a year.

  • In case of low parapet villas the tank can be re-adjusted behind collectors.

  • No requirement for circualtion pump, expansion vessel nor system controller.


Schematic Forced.PNG

Forced circulation solar system is used in large systems and the main components are:

  • Solar collectors (with support and mounting accessories).

  • Storage tanks with internal or external heat exchanger.

  • Circulation pump.

  • Expansion vessel (not required for drain back system).

  • Differential controller with temperature sensors.

  • Accessories: Filling valve, Air vent, Safety valve, temperature and pressure gauges, balancing valve ...etc

Emergency cooler (dry cooler) is recommended in large system in hot climate such as UAE climate unless using Viessmann ThermProtect Solar panels.

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