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SOLATHERM designs,

construct and produces high quality products in GCC


SOLATHERM products range includes Hot Water Boilers, Solar Hot Water System, wide range of high quality Stainless Steel Salorifiers, Hot water Heat pumps and Heat Exchangers.

Committed to support business partners with high quality service, engineering support and design tools

SOLATHERM - Engineering partner for central hot water systems, using boilers, solar thermal and Calorifiers for hotels, hospitals and residential.

SOLATHERM design, engineering, supply, Installation and commissioning of central hot water system, using Boilers and solar as well as individual components, such as high quality stainless steel Calorifiers, water heaters, heat exchangers.

Local manufacturing of high quality stainless steel hot water tanks in UAE, providing proximity and availability to partners while complying with highest standard and taking in consideration local water quality parameteres.

Strategic partner with leading manufacturers such as Bosch Thermotechnology, We combine our expertize to serve the client with high quality products for different types of energy sources such as gas, oil, electricity, renewable energy sources aligned to the customer’s individual requirements.



Hot water boilers, solar water heater and stainless steel calorifiers


Tank Manufacturing

Wide range of high quality stainless steel hot water tanks 



Complete installation for new projects and upgrade for existing projects

Hot water supplier


Design engineering, piping installation, testing, commissioning and training


Quality assurance

In order to pursue our sustainable development keep delivery quality systems and products, we have set up a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001, a condition of success of the company is indeed its ability to improve in a continuous and lasting way.

This policy is the foundation of this quality management system: it aims to satisfy customers so as to ensure the sustainability of the company and the pursuit of its development; customer satisfaction is based on the correct and permanent consideration of their expectations and the total satisfaction of their requirements.

In addition we have been committed to the Environmental Impact of Manufacturing and installation we have complied with Environmental Management System-ISO 14001:2015 and Occupational Health & Safety - ISO 45001:2018

SOLATHERM IMS Certificate _Page1.png

ISO 9001:2015

Quality Management System

SOLATHERM IMS Certificate _Page1.png

ISO 14001:2015




SOLATHERM IMS Certificate _Page1.png

ISO 45001:2018

Occupational Health & Safety

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